Diablo III News: Open Beta, Analyst Predictions, Monk Video!

Take heart (and lots of cheap Diablo 3 Gold) and get ready to fight the demons, because Diablo III is about to unleash the forces of darkness!

As part of the preparations for the May 15th release of Diablo III, this past weekend all players with a valid Battle.net account were allowed entry into the Diablo III beta stress test. Diablo 3 Gold was not required, just a valid Battle.net. account.

Players from the Asia-Pacific region were unfortunately not able to join the open beta, but Blizzard did have some good news to share, “beginning the week of April 23, we will be conducting a separate, invitation-only closed beta test that will give players in Korea a chance to try out the game, along with players in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.”

Therefore, lucky players from Asia will still get their chance to go to Hell, a.k.a. Sanctuary. (Aside: Is part of the fun of writing about Diablo III being able to drop references to the netherworld? Hell, yeah!) Here’s hoping the Asian stress test goes better than the North American one, which was fraught with, well, stress.

A lot of prospective open beta testers were unable to log in due to downloading errors, overburdened servers or because of player limit caps. But this is what a stress test is supposed to do, right? Test and stress the system? So I guess that means the stress test was successful.

Word from those who were able to get into the beta has been mostly positive, with players eager to play the actual game, and stock up on cheap Diablo 3 Gold.  (Yes,  EpicToon is the source for cheap Diablo 3 gold!) Anticipation for the new Diablo title has been high since news of its May 15th release was announced.

Last month an analyst predicted that Diablo III will sell five million units in its first year of release. According to Doug Creutz, analyst for Cowen & Company,

“Our street-high FY12 EPS estimate of $1.05 assumes first year unit sell-through of 5MM for Diablo III, and assumes that over 1MM of the units incorporate the World of Warcraft ‘annual pass’ deal which allows WoW players who commit to a one-year subscription to receive Diablo III for free.”

While we count down the days (and our Diablo 3 gold), to the release, here’s a video of the awesome new melee class, the Monk: