Test Your Knowledge with this WoW Mists of Pandaria Trivia Quiz

Last week’s deluge of WoW-reviving, Mists of Pandaria-related information (from the lifting of the NDA to the start of beta testing) left us awash in Pandarian lore, stats, new talents, new features, class changes and updates. Now that we’ve had a few days to let all the news sink in, it’s time to test your knowledge of all things Pandaria, Jeopardy!-style, but with WoW Gold and yours truly playing Alex Trebek.

Get your wallets and your safe WoW Gold ready, here we go!

Jeopardy! Round: People, Places and Things

1. Answer, for 200 WoW Gold: The final boss of Pandaria may be member of the Horde, but by the end of the new expansion, both factions will be fighting to take him down!

Question: Who is Garrosh Hellscream?

More info: Yes boys and girls, good old Garrosh is the Big Bad of Pandaria. Apparently the loss of a ship will lead his descent into (further) madness. Maybe the ships was loaded with safe Warcraft gold.

2. Answer, for 400 WoW Gold: This unranked, non-mandatory, anonymous new mini-game features Pokemon-like fights of new collectible critters.

Question: What are Pet Battles?

More info: Pet Battles lets your formerly non-combat companions duke it out with your friends’ pets; winning pets get tougher as they level up. There will be LOTS of new pets to collect, nurture and train. Some pets spawn in specific zones and only during specific times, making them rarer and more valuable. According to Wowhead, pet classes are Beast, Critter, Dragon, Elemental, Flying, Humanoid, Mystical, Mechanical, Undead and Water.

3. Answer, for 600 WoW Gold: Tanks and healers are NOT needed for these short, role-less instances that will allow groups of 3-25 players to quest and adventure to earn valor points.

Question: What are Scenarios?

More info: Scenarios are basically a series of tasks that give better rewards than solo quests. Each faction will have its own Scenarios. Expect shorter queue times because there will be no class requirements.

4. Answer, for 800 WoW Gold: Darkmaster Gandling is still the final boss of this instance dungeon which has been given a major make-over, including the addition of Heroic Mode.

Question: What is Scholomance?

More info: Scholomance has had a layout change and content redesign along the lines of Shadowfang Keep. It is one of three reworked dungeons in Mists of Pandaria.

5. Answer, for 1,000 WoW Gold: These spirits that watch over Pandaria are based on the four gods of Chinese mythology; they will need your help in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Question: Who are the August Celestials!

More info: The August Celestials are composed of Yu’lon the Jade Serpent, Xuen the White Tiger, Chi Ji the Red Crane, and Niuzao the Black Ox.


Double Jeopardy! Round: Numbers and New Features

1. Answer, for 400 Warcraft Gold: The number of character slots each WoW player will have in Mists of Pandaria.

Question: What is eleven?

More info: That’s right, people, we’ll all get another character slot come MoP! Now we’ll be able to play a monk without having to delete alts! Time to buy WoW Gold now to trick out your future monk.

2. Answer, for 800 Warcraft Gold: The total number of level 90 Heroic Dungeons in Mists of Pandaria.

Question: What is nine?

More info: There will be six new dungeons (including Stormstout Brewery and Temple of the Jade Serpent), plus three revamped old world ones (including Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery). Buy WoW Gold to gear up to take down the 14 new first-tier bosses.

3. Answer, for 1200 Warcraft Gold: These new advanced modes for 5 players feature timed dungeons, with bronze, silver, and gold medals for the best times and leaderboards for bragging rights!

Question: What are Challenge Modes?

More info:  Select ‘Challenge Mode’ before you enter a dungeon. Gear is normalized upon entry. Bronze medals award achievements, silver medals give special transmog gear, and gold gives a cool new mount.

4. Answer, for 1600 Warcraft Gold: This Pandaren faction is the keeper of the Pandaren culture. They are explorers, collectors of relics, builders of libraries.

Question: What are Lorewalkers?

More info: Other factions are: Tillers and Anglers, Brewmasters, August Celestials, Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, Order of the Cloud Serpent and Shado-Pan.

5. Answer, for 2000 Warcraft Gold: Formerly the capital of the Mogu empire, this zone is the sacred heart of Pandaria.

Question: What is the Vale of Eternal Blossoms?

More info: The Vale is dotted with ancient majestic temples that are still intact. The Mogu are eager to retake the Vale because of the sacred pools at its center.

Make your wagers, folks, it’s time for —

Final Jeopardy!

Answer: This Pandaren racial trait lets you touch an enemy’s pressure point and put him to sleep for three seconds.

Question: What is the Quaking Palm!

More info: Aside from Quaking Palm, Pandaren also have the following racial traits: Epicurean (increases stat benefits from food), Gourmand (cooking sill increased by 15), Inner Peace (2x rested experience bonus) , Bouncy (50% less falling damage).

Thanks for playing. Tally up your cheap Warcraft Gold and post your scores below. MoP is coming soon, so please find a safe place to buy WoW Gold and stock up now.

Please note that Mists of Pandaria is still in beta, and details are subject to change.