SWTOR Guild Summit Yields Ton of Info

The first SWTOR Guild Summit was a smashing success! Held in Austin, TX from March 4-6, the Summit was attended by over 160 guild leaders from all over the world; the livestream was watched by thousands more.

Yielding more info than the best SWTOR credits can buy, the first day was a SWTOR gold mine of information. For those who weren’t able to attend or watch the livestream, here are highlights from Day 1:

Friends of SWTOR trial program

The SWTOR Friends Trial began on March 6th. Players with an active SWTOR sub will be able to invite three friends to a 7-day trial of the game. These lucky friends will get to “explore each of the four Origin Worlds and experience the opening adventures for each class as they start along their epic journey.”

Invite your three bestest buddies through the “Friends Trial” option on your “My Account” page.  Enter their email addresses and your buds will then receive an email inviting them to a 7-day SWTOR trial. Each friend can begin their trial within 14 days of receiving the invite.

Players on the Friends Trial won’t be able to trade or use the GTN, so they’ll have to get a sub first (at a discounted rate) to use SWTOR credits.

Game Update 1.2 – Legacy

The new patch, expected to arrive “early April,” will add new content, enact the Legacy system and make major changes in game world’s economy.

A video preview of 1.2 revealed the upcoming goodies: new Operation (Explosive Conflict), new Warzone (Novare Coast), new FP (Lost Island), Legacy details, UI customization, appearance customization, new pets, Guild banks, new gear.

The Legacy System will allow players to interconnect all their characters, making them related to each other, and unlocking Legacy-specific abilities.

Best news, from the livestream, according to Eric Musco, “Most of the rewards in the Legacy system can be unlocked or purchased with credits.” Bring it! And we’ll bring our best SWTOR credits!

Notes, deets and SWTOR Stats:

57% of players play Empire, 42% of players play Republic

Approximately 70% play males, 30% play females

Players are not extremely wealthy. (Easily remedied if they buy SWTOR credits!)

On-ship neutral GTN terminal will be on your ship in 1.2, also an optional mailbox. (Hopefully this will encourage more trade, so stockpile those SWTOR credits now!)

Speaking of SWTOR credits, net income of PvE and PvP is approximately the same.

FP “Lost Island” will continue (finish?) the Kaon storyline.

Operation “Explosive Conflict” will feature new tier of PvP gear (new lightsaber colors!), crafters will be able to make “Expertise” gear.

Warzone: Novare Coast, like Huttball, will allow same-faction competition.

Eighteen new medals (mostly objective-based) will be introduced in warzones.

There will be a new tier of PvP gear, “War Hero.”

On the much-maligned Ilum: Ilum to be overhauled, Ilim PvP quests will be removed, Ilum to be more fun and engaging

Other additions: new non-combat pets, vehicles, lightsaber colors (yes, it bears repeating!), ship droid affection, roleplay emotes, Legacy items drops

There’s more: 1.2 will have improved texturing, appearance customization, Guild Banks, Warzone Rankings, UI customization, new end-game gear

And finally: It was great to see the rapport between and among members of the SWTOR dev team. They seem to all get along great, were respectful of each other despite differences in approach and philosophy, and were really engaged and invested in the game and were interested in players’ input. And they were funny. SWTOR Gold stars for everyone!

Non-Summit SWTOR news:

SWTOR launches in Asia Pacific

SWTOR has officially launched in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Players from these countries may purchase the standard or the digital deluxe version of the game. Those who subscribe by the end of April will receive the SWTOR Founder’s Medal, forged out of the very best SWTOR gold.

A big welcome to our peeps in Asia Pacific! You know where to buy SWTOR credits, right?

Players and Devs talk about SWTOR

BioWare posted a video celebrating the successful launch of SWTOR. Watch game devs and players talk about the excitement on launch day and their favorite aspects of the game.