SWTOR news: 2nd Q&A, Livestream the Guild Summit, SWTOR-themed hip-hop album

The second SWTOR Q&A blog post is here and it’s a doozy. Like the best SWTOR credits, it is useful, precious and most welcome. Unlike the best SWTOR credits, however, there just wasn’t enough of it! Maybe they should answer 20 questions a week instead.

For this week members of the SWTOR team answered 12 questions from the community. Here are excerpts (plus side comments from yours truly):

DarthBelkar: Can we look forward to server-wide special seasonal / short-term events?
Daniel Erickson: Yes! Expect them to fit into the world and setting, involve a fair bit of discovery, and offer special rewards that will be there one day and then gone forever. And expect them soon.

Side comment: Très cool! Everyone stock up and buy SWTOR credits now to have extra moolah for those special awards!

NiklasWB: When will you make it possible for Force-using characters to pull up/down their hoods on their robes?
Damion Schubert: This is in the works now. It won’t be in Game Update 1.2, but should get done in the next major update after that. And yes, we will extend this functionality to your Force-slinging companions as well.

Side comment: Funfact – The Jedi sometimes use their hoods to stash their SWTOR gold.

GnovaD: Are there any plans to introduce mobile apps to the game? Eg. Use smart phone/tablet to send companions on missions while offline.
Damion Schubert: Let’s just say that this has always been a dream of mine for crew skills – it’s almost as if this design was created specifically with this in mind, doesn’t it? Good news, sometimes dreams do come true! The bad news is that I have no ETA for you, though, as this is a significant technical endeavor.

Livestream the First Guild Summit

Great news for those who can’t make it to the first SWTOR Guild Summit! A livestream of select events will be available. According to BioWare, “[the] livetreams will allow players from around the world to observe and participate” in some of the discussions.

Also, videos of the panels will be released after the summit. BioWare would like to remind all that the summit will be conducted in English.

Hip-hop Album of SWTOR Tunes Released

To those who stay up late at night thinking that the world needs a SWTOR-themed hip-hop album, fret no more.

Richie Branson, the dude who brought us Cold Republic, the first hip-hop song about SWTOR, has now completed a whole album of hip-hop tunes about SWTOR called The Cold Republic Episode I: The Empire Likes Rap. Instead of the usual bling, the high rollers in Branson’s  SWTOR world have thousand SWTOR credit bills to burn and (in my mind, at least) pimped out BT-7 Thunderclaps to roll in.

The verdict? He ain’t Jay-Z, but his beats are kinda catchy.

Are you a SWTOR Founder?

As a big thank you to all those who made SWTOR a blockbuster MMO from the starting gate, BioWare is awarding Founder’s medals to SWTOR’s first subscribers.

Forged out of SWTOR gold, the medal and corresponding Founder title is “permanently bound to your account and will carry over to any character you make in the future.”

Update: The deadline to get a Founder’s medal has passed, and I hope you guys were able to get yours!