Update for Diablo III beta patch 10: Companion Pets Neutered for Excessive Cuteness


In sci-fi and fantasies that are geared towards a wide audience, pandering to the lowest common denominator in terms of cuteness often backfires (*cough* Jar Jar Binks *cough*). So hats off to Blizzard for dodging that fate (and the ire of fans) by summarily expunging the too-cute companion pets from Diablo III:

In both cases [Scrolls of Companion and Scrolls of Reforging] these are features we felt were underdeveloped and just not quite good enough for the game in their current state. The companion pets felt like they were mandatory to maximize play efficiency and some of the pets were too cutesy for the gritty, dark world of Sanctuary. Neither of those are issues we felt like we could solve without a lot of additional work, and we’re trying to close in on a solid release date for the game, not move further away. When weighing these systems against releasing the game, we decided to cut these scrolls and stay on track for the game’s release.

We think we can make companion pets into a much cooler system (both mechanically and visually), and evolve the reforging scrolls into a more meaningful system at some point in the future. For the time being, they will not be in the initial release of the game.

While we’re on the topic of excessive cuteness, check out these adorable critters from World of WarCrafts (Hey, I can appreciate cuteness, just not in such proximity to my toons!). World of WarCrafts is a hub for the more artistically minded WoW players to display their talents. They are currently accepting submissions for all WoW-related arts and crafts, including fan art, food, music, fan fiction.

Druid kitties by a WoW player with even more extra time than your average WoW player

In less cute news, the bastion of pure loony goodness that is the Family Research Council has decided to wage open war on BioWare for allowing gay relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Needless to say, we are opposed to such intolerance and stand with BioWare for equality, acceptance and awesome gaming fun.

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