Ask anything to SWTOR community manager on Dec 28

Do you have burning questions you’d like answered in Star Wars: the Old Republic?

Well then prepare for a fun inquisition because this December 28 SWTOR community manager Stephen Reid will be hosting the Ask Me Anything (AMA) Q&A on social media site

All topics should be fair game during the Q&A, so don’t hesitate to badger Mr. Reid about the lack of midi-chlorian love or what fancy items we can expect to purchase with SWTOR Credits in future patches.

Here’s the official announcement for your guidance:

Hey /r/swtor – I hope everyone has had a great time with the game so far. We’re excited to announce a really great opportunity here for everyone: Stephen Reid, the Community Manager for Star War: The Old Republic, known to many of you as @rockjaw, has agreed to do an AMA here in /r/swtor!

The format is simple: Ask Mr. Reid a question and he will do his best to respond to as many as possible within his area of expertise; he is not a game designer but still has many interesting things to share about the game.

Look for Stephen’s post in the announcement section here on Wednesday, December 28th at 2pm CST and submit your questions then. This will be a typical AMA so submit questions in the comments on his post and he’ll answer as many as humanly possible.

This is a great opportunity /r/swtor, and it’s thanks to you all being an awesome community that it’s possible. Thanks everyone!

Date: This Wednesday, December 28th

Time: 2pm CST/1pm EST/12pm PST/20 GMT)

Questions posted here will be removed. Please wait for the AMA this Wednesday.