SWTOR launch TV ad is all kinds of seducing

Star Wars the Old Republic voice actors have been praised for bringing questing and mission running to a whole higher dimension, but they’re no slouches either in enticing millions of television viewers!

BioWare and company have crafted, in our opinion, one of the most compellingly chilling TV ads for an MMO. In just 30 seconds and with the help of a sultry voiceover, it managed to convince me to roll a Bounty Hunter.

The beginning stretch – where four classes utter their singular purpose in the game – is a master class on how to make the most uninterested Joe to sit up, Google search what “SWTOR” is all about, and go purchasing a game box as if his SWTOR Credits depended on it.

Another great thing about this SWTOR TV spot, aside from its brilliant pacing and editing, is it has zero references to World of Warcraft. Compare this to RIFT’s co-opting of “the Horde” and potshots of “We’re not in Azeroth anymore” seen below:

RIFT ads have a mysterious fantasy quality to them, but it’s fantastic to see that SWTOR doesn’t feel the need to piggyback on the popularity of the Blizzard title.

The SWTOR ad is confident and hits the right emotional cords, proving to us that that there’s always an extra bit of magic when a great marketing team is let loose on an insanely popular IP.