SWTOR Launch Guide: Population caps incoming and what servers to avoid

To say there are long queues in the newly opened Star Wars the Old Republic servers would be an understatement.

Humongously long is a more apt description, so BioWare is capping server populations to shorten the wait and get everyone playing ASAP.

It’s not unusual for BioWare to implement this kind of workaround for the SWTOR launch day rush. Other previous games like RIFT and DCUO have done so to ensure player loads are spread out more evenly.

Senior online community manager Stephen Reid said the population caps will be a temporary workaround, and that they are working hard to accommodate those who want to join their buddies on already packed servers.

“We’re monitoring all of our servers around the clock, and we’re raising server population caps where required. However, to ensure our long-term goals of server stability and healthy populations, we do not want to raise population caps too rapidly,” Mr. Reid said in a forum post.

“We want incoming players to populate lower population servers. At the same time, higher population servers will not be ‘locked’ because we want to allow people to join a server to play with their friends if they wish to,” he added.

What Servers to Avoid

Mr. Reid is now dissuading players from stuffing themselves into close-to-capacity servers, if they do not want to wait in long queues. These servers include:

US-based servers

  • The Harbinger – US West Coast – PvE
  • The Swiftsure – US West Coast – PvP
  • The Fatman – US East Coast – PvP


EU-based servers

  • Bloodworthy – EU English – PvP
  • Frostclaw – EU English – PvE
  • Legions of Lettow – EU English – PvP
  • The Red Eclipse – EU English – PvE
  • Tomb of Freedom Nadd – EU English – PvP
  • Darth Revan’s Mask – EU German – PvP
  • Darth Traya – EU German – PvP
  • Jar’Kai Sword – EU German – PvP
  • Hrakert Rift – EU French – PvP

Mr. Reid makes it clear that developers “do not expect queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future.” This means those itching for minimum downtime to earn maximum SWTOR credits should consider settling in less populated but more conveniently playable servers.