SWTOR last minute reminders for Launch Day

Star Wars the Old Republic is raring to launch, but it wouldn’t hurt to read through these final pit stop reminders from BioWare, just so you don’t find yourself fumbling and fuming on release day.

Know the maintenance downtimes. Two dates to remember:

  • December 20 launch day – Game servers and SWTOR.com offline from 6PM CST (4PM PST/7PM EST/12AM GMT/1AM CET) to 11PM CST (8PM PST/12AM EST/5AM GMT/6AM CET).
  • December 22 end of “grace period” – Game servers and SWTOR.com offline from 2AM CST (12AM PST/3AM EST/8AM GMT/9AM CET) to unspecified time.

Keep “wait rage” in check. December 20 will be one of the biggest worldwide launches of any MMO in history. Savor that for a minute. You’re part of a record-breaking number of gamers supporting a game five years and 150-200 million dollars in the making. (ET bonus tip: Bust out an iPhone/3DS/PSP distraction when you begin envying early entrants who are probably racking up SWTOR credits while you stare at a queue screen.)

Avoid creating characters in Full servers. Doing so is akin to pulling teeth. It will be a painful experience, so those with Early Game Access are encouraged to roll a toon now to see if there is still room for their young Sith or Jedi, and change servers if there is none. (Bonus tip: TorStatus.Net helps you spot the Full servers at once.)

Don’t lose your game code. You will need to enter the game code to activate your 30 days of game time, and additional digital items for SWTOR Collector’s Edition and Digital Deluxe pre-order buyers.

via [TorWars.com]