RIFT bags Game of the Year award, while SWTOR and GW2 share Most Anticipated

While it’s sort of meta for us to report on awards given out by our fellow news site MMORPG.com, it nevertheless warms our heart to see the hardworking RIFT and ambitious Star Wars the Old Republic get full nods from the industry.

“Rift had an incredibly smooth launch, a stellar sales record, and oh yeah… it actually was good too.  Like, really good,” MMORPG.com said in its awards announcement.

“On top of a complete and polished piece of MMORPG goodness, Trion has continually improved the game and added heaps of content in the nine months since it was birthed in a manner heretofore unheard of in the industry.  It may have some stiff competition in 2012, but there’s no doubt for us: Rift is the game of 2011,” it added for good measure to appease dissidents.

Of course SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 weren’t far behind from the podium stand, with both nabbing a shared spot as Most Anticipated. MMORPG.com gamely explains that even though SWTOR may have been dominating coverage everywhere and set to launch tomorrow, “eleven days of service doesn’t exactly cut it” for GoTY eligibility.

Still, it’s a fair bet of SWTOR credits that the sci-fi opus will be the contender to beat in 2012, should Guild Wars 2 fail to amass the same hype and critical back patting.

Here’s the full list of awardees:

  • Game of the Year: RIFT (Winner), Eve Online (Runner-up)
  • Most Anticipated: SWTOR and GW2 (Co-winners), TERA (RU)
  • Most Innovative: DC Universe Online (W), Final Fantasy XIV (RU)
  • Rising Star: Secret World (W), Glitch (RU)
  • Best Hybrid MMO: League of Legends (W), World of Tanks (RU)