SWTOR Early Game Access: First pre-order, first served

There’s no letup in the number of Star Wars the Old Republic fans who want to get into the servers right now, but queues are simply so staggering that BioWare implemented the fairest system for entry: By pre-order sequence.

“Today, we invited people who had pre-ordered up to the very beginning of October (roughly). Tomorrow, we’re going to be inviting the same number of people again; that will take us up to the last week or so of November. On Friday, we’ll be inviting even more, and we’ll give you an update on that tomorrow,” said senior online community manager Stephen Reid.

From this staggered pre-launch schedule, we see that BioWare was served well by the two extra days it added for the Early Game Access. Pre-order buyers were initially promised five days head start, but last week it was lengthened to a full week.

If all goes well, BioWare will have let in most of the pre-order fans by Friday and allow them to complete some SWTOR Credits missions over the weekend. (Lucky ones already playing now should remember these five essential tips.)

Mr. Reid also took time to assure fans that despite the 100+ servers already filling up, new ones are on their way to greet the latecomers.

“You’ll see more servers coming online tomorrow, and almost certainly there will be some queuing. That was always expected. As a reminder, our plan here is to maintain healthy server populations post launch, and during the excitement of launch that will mean queues. That said, we’ll be working hard to keep those queues reasonable,” said Mr. Reid.