SWTOR Early Game Access begins – Five reminders for the first day

You’re finally playing Star Wars the Old Republic, congratulations!

Luck is on your side, pre-ordering Padawan. Thousands of others are trying desperately to enter one of the busiest pre-launch access events ever in MMO land.

No doubt you’re off to level up and smack around some alien life forms, but before you go off on your grand intergalactic adventure, take stock of these five reminders that will make playtime a lot smoother (and safer).

Protect Your Account with a TOR Security Key

Imagine working so hard on your toon, spending day and night leveling and gearing up, only to have all your virtual possessions snatched away by a devious hacker. Account theft does happen, but the chances nosedive to almost zero when you activate a TOR Security Key, now available at the Origin.com store for a relatively low price of $6.50 for the peace of mind. A mobile version is in the works, but the physical one should prove insurmountable for most account thieves.

Recruit Your Friends or Maybe Even Lead a Guild

Soloing has its perks – all the loot and SWTOR credits are yours – but you’re missing out on a big chunk of the SWTOR experience by not having trusted buddies around. Sure, you can tag along some random groups but team-based content like Flashpoint dungeons and Operation raids are simply more fun to run through with patient group members who aren’t all “Go, go, go!” And if you’re feeling extra motivated, why not form a Guild to lead?

Don’t Fuss over Minor Bugs…

Even the most meticulous game developers can mess up a code or two, given the humongous technical project that is SWTOR. Visual hiccups that don’t interfere with gameplay or lock you out of your controls can’t be helped, and these would get fixed faster if instead of complaining about it on chat for five minutes, you instead spend that time to submit a ticket and help in the general housecleaning.

… And Keep Your Sanity over Major Bugs

BioWare’s Amber Green is spot-correcting the most egregious problems with workarounds. For those that require more lengthy solutions like crashing quests, she doles out the assurance that fixes are incoming.

Read the New Player Guide (I’m Looking at You Newbies)

BioWare has been promoting the game to MMO veterans and virgins alike. For the latter, who might struggle with the concept of WASD controls and getting around a massive virtual world, developers have assembled a comprehensive New Player Guide that holds your hand from game installation to character creation to the more advanced features like Companion and Crew Skill development.

Stay tuned to EpicToon as we begin rolling out SWTOR screenshots, guides and features that may or may not include the search for slave Leia look-alikes.