All SWTOR guilds are a go, deployment complete!

For months, BioWare has been planning one of the most intricate guild placement campaigns seen in any MMO for Star Wars the Old Republic.

Now the fruits of hard labor are ripe for the picking.

Thousands of guilds can now check their final server assignments (those that met the qualifications should have gotten their top pick) and log on to their accounts to accept the automatic invites that have been sent out.

Guild leaders, in particular, only have two weeks before the invites expire, before they forfeit their top rank status to the next most senior Officer in the roster.

These server deployments are not set in stone. Guilds are allowed to have a change of heart, so that if you want to play in a different server, feel free to ignore your current placement and venture into another.

Forming a guild is easy enough anyway. You only need to have a unique guild name (first create, first served), have at least four members, and hand over 5,000 SWTOR Credits to the Guild Registrar on the Republic or Imperial Fleets stations.

BioWare has kindly provided a detailed FAQ on how to confirm your guild deployment. Check it out and begin planning your server domination as early as now.