SWTOR Sith Inquisitor video, plus Sorcerer and Assassin advanced classes footage

Star Wars the Old Republic is counting down the days before it launches, but in the interim, it sneaked in another class video this time featuring the dastardly Sith Inquisitor.

No trick or deception is too foul for this Empire-aligned class, not if it advances his schemes. And if manipulation proves to be insufficient, then a healthy dose of torturous lightning attacks should persuade even the most adamant parties to obey.

Sith Inquisitors are the antitheses of the Jedi Consulars, using the darker Side of the Force to subjugate others and bend their will enough to exact unquestioned compliance. This class can play defensively by incapacitating targets momentarily, or go all out on offense with a barrage of psychic and shock attacks. Sith Inquisitors can specialize as either the spell-slinging Sorcerer or the stealthy Assassin.

Once a Sith Inquisitor reaches level 10, he can start to focus on developing his or her Dark Side powers as a Sith Sorcerer. This advanced class closely resembles the evil Emperor Palpatine, conjuring forcefields and mass lightning storms when confronted head on. Their mental and dark Force powers are so strong that their opponents’ best chance is to close in fast and engage them in close-quarters combat, for which they are more vulnerable.

Those who choose to take up the Sith Assassin advanced class will display more physical prowess, having been trained to wield a double-bladed lightsaber also known as a saberstaff. They can power up their weapons with a charge of lightning for extra volts of offense. They also have crowd control pushback and shadow stealth moves, including the Dark vortex stun shown above, that help them systematically eliminate opponents one by one.

Electrified enough to roll a Sith Inquisitor? Which of the two advanced classes will you pick, and spend SWTOR Credits on up to the endgame? Let us know, Tooners!