SWTOR Early Game Access may start December 13

We may get a week head start after all.

BioWare said today in an updated FAQ that “Early Game Access may begin as early as December 13, 2011, 7:00AM EST (Pacific: December 13th, 4:00AM PST; European: December 13th, 12:00PM GMT, 1:00PM CET).”

Early Game Access is a head start privilege for those who purchase the game before launch – some even way before seeing screenshots. The additional two days could mean one of two things:

    • There might be too many pre-order buyers. Already, fans are wondering that with millions of pre-orders lined up, “How are we all going to fit in the 5-day Early Game Access period?” So rather than risk the ire of fans who fail to use the privilege due to high traffic, they will be adding two buffer days.
      • BioWare wants to stick it to Blizzard. December 13 is Tuesday, and that is a traditional maintenance night for the game, where players and general buzz for the game come to a small halt. What better way to steal their idle attention than with the promise of SWTOR Credits?

        BioWare also has some final reminders for pre-order fans who still haven’t secured their spot in the Early Game Access week:

        1. Pre-order the GameAny of the three will net you a Pre-order Code.
        2. Redeem your Pre-order Code Activate the Pre-order Code at the link to become eligible for Early Game Access.
        3. Pre-load the game client: Yes, the client is now available for download in your “My Account” dashboard.

        Good luck and see you early birds soon!