SWTOR Pre-orders from Walmart are Safe and Ready to Ship

Fans raged this week after learning their Star Wars: the Old Republic pre-orders from Walmart were “cancelled” for no apparent reason.

Sheath your lightsaber indignation, padawans. Pre-orders are back on track at the popular retailer.

Everyone will receive their game boxes as planned, according to an update from community manager Stephen Reid in a pacifying forum post.

The “technical error” that caused the pre-order status changes has been resolved. There were no actual cancellations said Walmart, sending out this update e-mail:

Thank you for your recent Walmart.com order(s).

In checking your My Account order history for the order(s) below, you may have noticed that one or more items show a status of cancelled but you did not receive a cancellation email for this item(s). Please disregard the status as it is an error. (If you received a cancellation email for an item, then that item has in fact been cancelled.)

The incorrect cancelled status on your My Account was caused by a system issue that has since been resolved and your item(s) are currently processing and will ship as expected. You will receive a ship confirmation with a tracking number for these items in the next few days and the status on your My Account page will be updated to shipped.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and wanted to assure you that your products are in fact being shipped.

“Inconvenience” is an understatement. We certainly wouldn’t know what to do when two weeks from launch day – and roughly a week from the Early Game Access period –we suddenly find ourselves scrambling to pre-order from another online store.

SWTOR pre-orders come with Early Game Access, which starts December 15, and allows for almost a week head start of farming SWTOR Credits from the regular Joes zoning in on launch day, December 20.