FFXIV no longer free to play in 2012

Final Fantasy XIV will start charging subscription fees by January 6, 2012 at a “special discounted rate” of $9.99 a month, said Square Enix.

It was supposed to be $12.99, but this full price will only be charged once the a planned revamp of FFXIV dubbed as Version 2.0, comes out on the PC and PS3 next year.

Paying the monthly fee will include a save slot for one character and 30 days access. There will also be cheaper rates for 90-day and 180-day subscriptions. Refer to the comparison charts below:

Learn more about the subscription billing

This will be the first time Square Enix will commence billing after it made the game temporarily free to play, as an apology for the game’s shortcomings.

But the game has been making strong strides under the leadership of Naoki Yoshida. FFXIV Gil is now easier to earn via questing and crafting, and lacking features like auto-combat and an auction house have been addressed.

Overall, it’s great to see FFXIV gain enough confidence to start charging fees, because it’s become quite a decent, if still a bit clunky, game. Will you be paying the new subs, Tooners, or are you already looking for another free-to-play MMO?