Invasion! SWTOR public beta had 2 million testers, says EA

If MMO success is based purely on beta test numbers, then Star Wars: the Old Republic doesn’t seem to have much to worry about.

Publisher Electronic Arts revealed that its public beta testing has attracted a 2-million strong battalion of gamers – a number bigger than the population of West Virginia and the whole Caribbean (OK, not really).

This is including the latest swarm of beta testers last weekend, which was the largest in one go and reached 725,00 unique players, according to EA chief financial officer Eric Brown, in a news report by GameSpot.

Mr. Brown said the 2 million figure isn’t something he conjured with Force magic. The game already has 2.4 million registered account members, he revealed, and most of them have opted in for a public beta.

UPDATE: As reader Mona has rightfully pointed out, there will be NO more beta testing. (Thanks and sorry for our temporary psychosis at misreading that GameSpot bit.)

Early Game Access is already scheduled to start by December 15 and the game is launching on December 20, so if you’re looking to see some action and earn SWTOR Credits, you’re going to have to buy a game box.