SWTOR Peripherals for Rad Gaming and Raiding

Do you have a grand to burn and a fondness for sleek gaming gear of the lightsaber kind?

Then you may want to pick up the new Star Wars: the Old Republic peripherals from Razer, which are available now for pre-order.

First revealed at E3 2011, this four-piece premium playset includes:

  • Keyboard. Equipped with programmable Macro Keys for class skills and abilities, and a multi-touch track panel emblazoned with your chosen faction insignia.
  • Mouse. Has 17 programmable buttons, 12 of which are conveniently arranged in a thumb grid for split-second combat maneuvers. Comes with charging stand.
  • Mouse Mat. Two usable surfaces – smooth and hard – to allow precision controls and movement of your character. Set in a metal frame for absolute stability.
  • Headset. Adapted for 5.1 surround sound quality for full immersion on the high-tech tunes and voice acting in the game. Reminiscent of headsets worn by starfighter pilots in the Star Wars movies.

Click through the slideshow below to inspect the gadgets up close before plunking down more than $500 (the keyboard alone costs $250) for the privilege of wielding these first-rate peripherals.

Budget alternative: For the more practical-minded, a purchase of SWTOR credits should bring equal, if not greater, comfort during your upcoming Imperial or Republic raids.