Raid Finder minimum gear requirement set for ilevel 372

With the launch of Patch 4.3, World of Warcraft players got a hold of a Raid Finder feature but it will screen out players who do not meet a minimum item level 372.

This means that level 85 toons will most likely have to run the new endgame 5-mans to gear up and earn WoW Gold to push their gear power to the required minimum.

“Raid Finder is below normal and Heroic modes in terms of rewards and difficulty, but the new tier of five-player dungeons should still be stepping stones into the raid,” said Blizzard community manager Zarhym in response to concerns that the item level 372 is “a little excessive” as an entry barrier.

Zarhym also shot down the notion that it will hard for casual players to gear up for the Raid Finder version of Dragon Soul, the only one available content for the said feature as of Patch 4.3.

“It shouldn’t take the average player ‘hundreds of hours,’” he said.

For those who expect to reach the milestone item level soon and begin attempting Deathwing raids in this easier difficulty, you can start browsing through the Raid Finder Q&A to get familiar with the calibrated Need Before Greed loot system and the more lenient boss lockout rules.