SWTOR Jedi Consular video, plus Shadow and Sage advanced classes footage

BioWare continues its Star Wars: the Old Republic class previews this week with a video for the Jedi Consular, the most diplomatic and surprisingly deadly of the Republic classes.

Jedi Consulars are trained to fan out across the galaxy to establish ties and improve faction relations with other planets, but when this missionary task turns into a risky encounter, this Jedi class won’t hesitate to use crushing force.

From a gameplay perspective, Jedi Consulars seem equally dependent on Force powers and lightsaber attacks, giving them solid attacking and defensive capabilities. Further leveling and training leads a Jedi Consular to choose which one to specialize in.

For those who pick the Shadow advanced class, stealth and stuns will be your bread and butter tactics. Taking out foes one a time will be easy with your invisibility, dazes and powerful Double-bladed lightsaber backstabs. Shadow-specced Jedi Consulars also unleash devastating martial arts combos, including a teleport jump leading in to a rear assault.

Meanwhile, those who take up the more defensive Sage advanced class will be able to mount a powerful Force shield against blaster fire. You will also be able to strike back at range through missile attacks. Eventually, a master Sage-specced Jedi Consular will be able to protect allies, knock back opponents and unleash massive area attacks, with essential healing power as emergency back-up when allies take damage.

Like all other classes, it should be easy enough to gear up a Jedi Consular with ample SWTOR Credits at your side. EpicToon should be able to ship out this most useful virtual currency soon after the game launches on December 20.

Watch out for our big SWTOR Credits launch and see you soon inside the servers!