Last call for SWTOR Guilds to avail Pre-Launch perks

Star Wars: the Old Republic guilds now only have little more than a week to get their affairs in order and qualify for the Pre-Launch program.

Phase 3: Deployment, the final stage of the Pre-Launch program before BioWare starts assigning eligible guilds to their chosen servers, will end on December 2, Friday, 11:59 PM CST, according to BioWare’s last call announcement.

Until then, guilds can still recruit at least four members to order pre-order game copies and redeem their Pre-Order code. Doing so will qualify them for Pre-Launch perks, which aside from a higher chance at being placed in their desired server, will also allow them to designate Allies and Adversaries and manage their guild roster.

As always, BioWare reminds guilds not to bet all their SWTOR Credits on this special placement process. Developers will “make reasonable efforts to ensure that qualifying guilds are imported into a server that meets your specified preferences, but we cannot make any guarantees given the anticipated volume of guilds (among other factors).”

And, by the looks of the massive pre-orders from independent trackers, will number in the tens of thousands.