SWTOR Early Previews: “Makes You Feel Special” and “Brilliant Storytelling”

Now that the NDA gag for Star Wars: the Old Republic has been lifted, gaming news sites far and wide have been posting their first impressions of the sci-fi game.

Surprise – they’re mostly gushing with praise!

Warning: These previews contain some storyline and content spoilers.

For IncGamers’ Tim McDonald, who confessed to be a casual MMO fan at best, SWTOR “has bags more atmosphere than any other MMO I’ve ever played.”

He attributes this immersive experience to the unprecedented level of full voice acting in most every dialogue, and the degree to which players can choose to impact the game whether through conversation or action choices.

“Your character is your character, not just Warrior #4,527,937, and – more than that – your character is actually a character, complete with a personality, who is interacting with other interesting personalities in every single quest.”

Tim says that while SWTOR hasn’t revolutionized the gameplay of MMO, it has turned up the special snowflake factor up to 11.

“MMOs usually make you feel like a faceless drone in the masses of other faceless drones, and BioWare noticed this. In fact, I daresay that BioWare’s chief emphasis appears to have been on making you feel like a special, unique individual, in a world with thousands of other players who also need to feel like special, unique individuals – and it bloody works. Black magic, clearly.”

Meanwhile, Game Informer’s Adam Biessener, Tim Turi, and Matt Miller recorded a 14-minute roundtable discussion of their beta test dungeon runs.

The three editors spend most of the video talking about the player choices available to teams, and how these choices can affect the outcome of the whole dungeon, including what bosses you will fight and the storyline dialogue you will hear.

Like IncGamers, Game Informer also loved how SWTOR instances known as Flashpoints  have “brilliant storytelling” that matches the pedigree of other BioWare titles.

They also couldn’t help but compare the dramatic dungeons compared to the oftentimes generic feel of RIFT and World of Warcraft instances. They were equally impressed with the AI companions that accompany players, and how they can fill team roles almost as good as a standard human gamer.

There is also some discussion about Social points earned by interacting with team members, and how these can unlock emotes, loot and possibly bonus SWTOR Credits.

“Already BioWare is just blowing me away as far as story goes and I feel invested in my character and what’s specifically happening in the greater universe. I can’t wait to get back in there.”

Many more SWTOR early previews will be coming out as the sci-fi smasher nears its December 20 release. Do you agree with these assessments or are you still waiting for your first look this coming November 25 Beta Test Weekend?