SWTOR Flashpoint: Hammer Station preview trailer

Even though BioWare is busy preparing for the Star Wars: the Old Republic massive beta test weekend, they still managed to squeeze in a new dungeon preview over the weekend.

In this new trailer for Flashpoint: Hammer Station, which runs at over two minutes, we see an Imperial team tackling the instance in a battle for control over a world-crushing star base. Republic groups can also take on this dual-faction Flashpoint.

From the clip, we learn that the “Hammer” battle station capable of firing whole asteroids into planets has fallen into the control of the ambitious Advozsec. The horned humanoid species plan to use this new weapon to subjugate nearby Outer Rim worlds. In response, the Republic has mobilized to stop the military expansion while Imperial forces see this as an opportunity to gain a powerful new outpost for themselves.

Those who think that SWTOR flashpoints will be a walk in the park, think again. The Imperial team is shown to have wiped at the end of the video, possibly costing them a large SWTOR credits repair bill.

If you’re interested in learning more about the dozens of other Flashpoints available at launch, you can watch their preview videos here.