RIFT 1.6 Patch Day Guide

RIFT continues its blazing hot streak of releasing content-packed patches with the new Patch 1.6: From the Embers out now.

What’s in store for you in the new – and purportedly largest – zone called Ember Isle? Which new content will keep you preoccupied enough to pass up on Star Wars: the Old Republic and its SWTOR credits Operation runs?

EpicToon dug around the primordial caldera to give you this patch day primer:

Get Lost in Ember Isle

Trion Worlds gave an outsize reputation to Ember Isle by saying it was “twice the size of Stillmoor and far more dangerous.” But for us what sets this ancient jungle apart from the rest of Telara is its deep lore. Take a look at this RIFT 1.6 trailer to see what we mean:

Ember Isle is the ancient homeland of the exiled Kelari elves, so expect far more engaging quests that tie in to the game’s mythos. The zone should also be a PvP favorite as both factions will vie for control over Sourcewells, as well as a rift hunter’s dream as it carries two Tier 2 raid rifts.

Scale the Caduceus Rise

In keeping with proportion to its host zone, the new Caduceus Rise dungeon is the largest to date in the game with 11 bosses. The defiled temple of Caduceus, now a festering pit for the Golden Maw and Wanton hordes, features for level 48-50 Ascended. Plus dungeon running is double the fun because of the two tier 2 Expert modes available.

Stop the Rise of the Phoenix

An alternative gearing path alongside Hammerknell appears in RIFT 1.6 through the new Rise of the Phoenix sliver challenge for coordinated 10-man groups. It features an alternate reality where a well-meaning Eth bent on stopping Maelforge goes too far and turns into a destructive Phoenix. Completing the sliver will reward RIFT Platinum and new gear, pets and achievements.

Group Up and Level Up Faster

Trion Worlds is giving bonus XP incentives for those who choose to level up in dungeons and raids. Groups of 10 and above will get more XP after killing Expert, Master, Sliver and Raid mode boss NPCs.

To dissect the full list of new content and changes, read through the official RIFT 1.6 patch notes.