SWTOR beta key giveaways – Ten sites with 200,000+ beta codes!

With the all-inclusive Beta Test Weekend coming up, plenty of SWTOR fans are scrambling for a beta key. You can join the official random draw, but why not up your chances?

EpicToon scoured the Outer Rim for the largest beta key giveaways, and here they are, ten sites that are offering a combined 200,000+ beta codes:

Chances are high that you’ll not only score one beta key, but several of them. Which is great, since you can turn the next Beta Test Weekend into a full-on party adventure.

Try out the group content like Warzones and Operations, and then break off into solo mode to farm a bit of SWTOR credits for spending on vendor gear, companion upgrades and starfighter fittings.

Final reminder: Most of these giveaways will end this week and the beta keys must be redeemed on November 18, 2011. Good luck and may the Force be with you!