SWTOR game testing now includes Europe

European players of Star Wars: the Old Republic pouted last week when they were shunned from the SWTOR Beta Test Weekend 3.

Only NA players were invited. EU players went ballistic. But then came the peace offering.

Senior online community manager Stephen Reid said invites have been sent out across all European launch countries (are you included?) in what will be the first large-scale testing for EU servers. The invites are of the “general game testing” kind, which means other regions might get their share soon.

With the SWTOR launching simultaneously in the US and EU, it’s essential now for BioWare to see how their servers will hold up to the surge of players, which based on pre-orders, could number in the millions.

Now that EU fans can experience the thrill of buying badass lightsabers with SWTOR Credits, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else gets a preview tour. Unless there won’t be a free-for-all beta testing. That would really suck Palpatine balls.