RIFT 1.6 to come out end-November, just ahead of SWTOR

Our two favorite MMOs that could – RIFT and Star Wars: the Old Republic – are cranking up their fanbases with holiday content. One is rolling out its new zone, the other its whole game. But don’t expect a Christmastime clash.

RIFT 1.6: From the Embers will unlock the way to the wild, wild Ember Isle around end-November, rightfully staying clear of the massive December 20 launch of SWTOR.

Trion Worlds has already shown us some preview stills of the primordial caldera. But its newest Developer Diary video does the volcanic jungle more justice:

We learn now that Ember Isle is “twice the size of Stillmoor and besieged by Maelforge and his Wanton” and the “largest and toughest zone yet.” Level 50 players will face 11 new bosses in the Caduceus Rise dungeon and get another RIFT Platinum farming raid: Rise of the Phoenix.

While RIFT 1.6 will probably release ahead of SWTOR, their hype-building events will surely compete for your attention.

The choice is yours: Will you join the Fae Yule world event of RIFT or focus on scoring SWTOR Credits for your brand-new Sith or Imperial character? If you ask us, either will be a sure blast!

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