SWTOR Beta Test Weekend 3 invites sent out

Third wave of SWTOR testing, locked and loaded.

After a month-long hiatus, SWTOR Beta Test Weekends are back on and the invites for its 3rd playtest event were sent out today exclusively to North American testers.

But even with the rest of the world excluded, the invite list is as long as a droid army line. E-mail sending won’t be finished until tomorrow, according to senior community coordinator Allison Berryman.

If you were lucky enough to receive a Beta Test Weekend 3 invite, you can log on the tester site to start rolling a new character. Both the Republic and Imperial beginner zones should be accessible and will allow you to take on quests, earn SWTOR Credits and spend them on vendor gear.

But one safety reminder from EpicToon: Be careful of scammers who might be sending out fake invites that are actually phishing e-mails. When in doubt, don’t click any link and ask for support in the official SWTOR forums.

For the majority who missed the golden invite, look forward to a few more inclusive Beta as the sci-fi MMO approaches next month’s December 20 release.

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