Darkmoon Faire: New Mount, Pet and Gear Rewards

The new island of Darkmoon Faire offers games and distractions aplenty, but the real main attractions are the redeemable rewards that resemble a gypsy menagerie!

All players who travel to the Darkmoon Island to participate in parlor games (tokens run for two WoW Gold per sack) can earn Darkmoon Prize Tickets and turn them in for more than just the usual plushies:

  • Previous level 60 5-man dungeon sets. For Transmogrification and nostalgia purposes.
  • Two mounts. Darkmoon Dancing Bear and Swift Forest Strider.

  • Companion Pets. Darkmoon Cub, Darkmoon Turtle, Darkmoon Monkey, Darkmoon Balloon, Darkmoon Zeppelin and Darkmoon Tonk.

  • Heirlooms. More than two dozen leveling Heirlooms that provide boosted XP

For those who just can’t wait for the Darkmoon Island to open up in Patch 4.3, MMO-Champion also reports that the test servers are now conducting test runs of the Tonk Commander, Darkmoon Cannon and Whack-a-gnoll mini-games.

Questers can also start scouting the easiest of the mini-games for leveling Darkmoon Faire reputation, as well as their unmaxed professions. (Fans of Blacksmithing and Engineering might opt for this method than all-out grinding.)