SWTOR guilds enter final phase of prep before pre-launch

Ready check, pre-launching guilds in five, four, three…

Star Wars the Old Republic has entered the penultimate phase of its pre-launch guild program, which for the past several months has tried to ensure friends end up on the same server and guild when the game eventually launches on December 20.

For Phase 3, aptly named the “Deployment”, Bioware is reminding guilds that their coordinated deployment to a single server hinges on meeting this single requirement:

“Four members of the guild must have pre-ordered the game and redeemed their Pre-Order Code at the Redemption Center” before the whole guild can be transferred into the game, said BioWare in the official SWTOR blog.

While it seems like a last-minute reminder, Phase 3 is the culmination of the meticulous preparation of friend-filled guilds to fight for either Imperial or Republic faction. In Phase 1 guilds were asked to form their roster and recruit via e-mail, with Phase 2 ramping up the community aspect by letting them choose partner and rival guilds on their target server.

Guilds know the value of this pre-launch perk. Millions of players will fill up the initial servers, and there’s a risk of getting separated due to capacity constraints. Purchasing SWTOR pre-orders is a small price to play to ensure they get to farm SWTOR Credits with friends from Day 1.

It’s not too late to join the guild pre-launch program. Purchase a SWTOR pre-order and form a guild here.