DCUO Free to Play now live – see the video and screenshots!

DC Universe Online has fully transitioned to a free-to-play paradigm, and superheroes and villains on both sides of the Atlantic are now logging in for a first look.

All MegaServers are up and running as of posting time, with plenty of space left for new subscribers.

If you liked the action combat MMO but not enough to plunk down a monthly fee, then this should be the right time to check out the game as a free player. Better yet, watch this new TV spot.


If that didn’t get you rolling a new toon in speeding bullet time, then maybe these hi-res screenshots will.

How will Sony Online Entertainment make bank now? Like EverQuest II and its other freemium siblings, DCUO is counting on a healthy amount of cash shop purchases. Not to mention free players who get hooked enough to upgrade to pay-to-play Premium and Legendary subscriptions.

As explained in our Free-to-Play primer, non-free members get more character slots, higher DCUO Cash wallet limits, and free downloads of the quarterly DLC content in the case of Legendary members.

DCUO Free to Play starts here.