RIFT Halloween video is a duo kapow!

RIFT seems dead set on becoming the most tongue-in-cheek MMO.

Time and time again Trion Worlds has laced its recruitment videos with humor, and for Halloween, it lampoons one of the most iconic duos in the superhero pantheon: Batman and Robin.

In the video below named “Tandem Trouble,” two Ascended toons dress up as the crime-fighting pair, respond to the Bat RIFT Signal and rush to a duo instance to fight a gang of mobs.

The trailer promotes duo instances, one of the fast new ways to earn RIFT Platinum in Patch 1.5, although the Halloween theme seems limited to the use of eerie opening music and pumpkin graphics. Overall, Tandem Trouble is more camp than spooky, but we do give points for the video treat.

We also can’t help but connect the dots when it comes to the timing of the parody. DC Universe Online, a game both superheroes call home, has just turned free-to-play yesterday. Is this a call out for their fans to change allegiance to RIFT?