Guardian Cub now on sale at the Blizzard Store

The Guardian Cub, the first tradable pet and supposed harbinger of Blizzard-sanctioned gold selling, is available now for adoption at the Blizzard Store for $10 each.

We’ve already explained why the cute flier will be an ineffective mule for WoW Gold trading, but we have absolutely no qualms about its appeal as a collectible.

For one thing, the Guardian Cub counts towards the pet count achievements like Plethora of Pets and Lil’ Game Hunter. Plus it’s quite adorable! Be careful though of looking too coordinated when whipping it out while riding its related pay-to-own cousin, the Winged Guardian mount. (Available separately here for $25 each.)

Guardian Cub traders and owners should also keep these in mind:

  • 24-hour BoP restriction. You’ll need to wait a day before the bind-on-pickup wears off, and you can put it up for auction.
  • No refunds. You can’t sell it back to Blizzard if and when you can’t sell the pet for much WoW Gold, so check the AH prices first before getting one for trading purposes.
  • One-time use. Once the pet is unboxed, it permanently binds to the character and cannot be traded anymore. Add this caveat when gifting the pet, so they know whether to keep it or encash it.

Do you plan to get a Guardian Cub? Will you buy one straight from the Blizzard Store? List it down on your Christmas wish list? Or will you wait for it to drop in price and snatch one at a bargain at the AH?