EQII art director talks inspiration, execution of new Freeport

Norrathians have known for a while now that the dreary Freeport City will undergo a makeover, but now we have more details on the why’s and how’s that led to the revamp.

EverQuest II art director Timothy Heydaar said the return to power of Overlord Lucan D’Lere in the next Game Update 62 required developers to turn the city into a more glorious stronghold fit for the strong-armed ruler.

Judging from the two preview pics, the city will look less like a slum than a formidable fortress. The rich gold colors and crisper texture should also attract more evil players to start their EQII Plat adventurers in Freeport.

“We wanted to make it look less pale and desaturated… The shapes of most player housing and merchant buildings were updated and re-textured to be less shanty,” said Mr. Heydaar.

To learn more about the sweeping Freeport changes that include zoning removal and “quality of life improvements,” read Mr. Heydaar’s full interview.