SWTOR Warzones preview videos and screenshots: Voidstar, Huttball and Alderaan

It’s no secret that the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic want to annihilate each other in Star Wars the Old Republic.

But what are the rules of engagement between the two warring factions? BioWare set the combat rules over the weekend by revealing the three Warzones, which are PvP areas where players can duke it out for glory and rewards.

Eight Imperial and Republic members can enter each Warzone instance and vie to complete mission objectives, including protecting data cores, wresting control of laser turrets, and a whole lot of killing.

Warzones seem to function like Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft and Warfronts in RIFT, and will similarly reward the winning faction with SWTOR Credits, loot and achievement bragging rights.

You can start planning tactics now by watching the videos and browsing the screenshots of each Warzone below.


Speed and assault power are of the essence in the Voidstar Warzone, where each side take turns attacking and defending the data-rich core of a long-abandoned battle cruiser. We are reminded of Strand of the Ancients in World of Warcraft, but in a spaceship setting


Held in the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa, Huttball is a blooder version of football where both teams endure injuries and traps to get a ball across the opponent’s goal line. Huttball can be played between members of the same faction, so get ready for some Empire vs. Empire and Republic vs. Republic showdowns.


As space fleets prepare to storm the planet of Alderaan, ground troops in each faction mobilize to control the world’s defense turrets which can prove decisive in the starship showdown. The faction that commands the majority of three laser turrets will quickly deplete their opponent’s transport ship and win the Warzone.