WoW Tier 13 Armor: Death Knight glimpsed at last!

Your death grip of a wait is over, Death Knight fans.

MMO-Champion dug up the Tier 13 armor set for our hero class, rounding out the raiding gear previews for World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.

Mind you, these Model Viewer grabs aren’t official official. Blizzard should be posting a definitive version soon, complete with a WoW Gold-worthy explanation on the set’s inspiration. (Like they did with the other nine classes here and here.)

But from these early grabs, the Death Knight Tier 13 armor seems inspired by exoskeleton and continues the devil horn trend seen in previous sets. The helm itself is underwhelming – maybe Blizzard will explain why it looks so cat-like – but the lack of facial ghastliness is made up for by ghoulish green accents on the shoulders, head, chest, belt and even knee caps.