Mists of Pandaria dungeons preview: A temple, a monastery and a brewery

If you need further proof that World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria will be heavily Eastern-inspired, look no further than these latest dungeon previews.

Blizzard uploaded three videos that take a sweeping tour of three of the nine initial dungeons to be released for the fourth expansion – the Temple of the Jade Serpent, the Shado-pan Monastery and the Stormstout Brewery – all located in the idyllic new continent of Pandaria.

Keep in mind that these are initial environ sweeps and designs might change given that the expansion is a long ways off, but it’s obvious that Blizzard will push the Chinese mystic vibe until we’re all practicing meditation and Kung-Fu.

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Welcome to Chinatown, aka the Temple of the Jade Serpent said to be the first level 85-90 dungeon available in Mists of Pandaria. The Sha of Doubt, an elemental faction intent on pulverizing the Pandaren’s peaceful existence, invades the temple and it’s up to players to stop the threat. The video shows off an ornate dungeon area filled with intricate wooden carvings, indoor pools and waterfalls, and ancient scrolls.

Shado-pan Monastery

With an obvious Tibetan inspiration, the Shado-pan Monastery sits atop the Kun-Lai Summit, and is supposedly the training hideaway of the Shado-pan Clan, “a ninja-like pandaren faction dedicated to protecting Pandaria” and now threatened by the Sha. I guess this is the part where Blizzard explains how a race as rotund as the Pandaren can take up the Rogue and Monk professions.

Stormstout Brewery

Pandarens have a long history in the WarCraft lore, and the past converges with the present in the Stormstout Brewery dungeon. WarCraft III pandaren Chen Stormstout tasks players to help him rid his ancient brewery of Verming and Hozu, pests that have taken control of his familial holding with a promise of WoW Gold compensation. The dungeon has a Deadmines feel to it, with dark patches of light coming through the cracks but with the distinctly Eastern elements of water streams, glowing lanterns and kegs of Pandaren ale.