DCUO Free-to-Play getting “close” to launch but still no final date

DC Universe Online fans who expected the game to make the Batman leap to free-to-playdom today will have to wait a little longer.

The DCUO maintenance update today will NOT deliver subscription-free gaming just yet, but its top producer Lorin “Deadmeat” Jameson assured fans that developers “are making great progress” and are “close” to release in a Facebook note.

But with less than two weeks to go before October ends and Jameson’s promise that he will give fans “plenty of advance notice” when the free-to-play will drop, it seems likelier than ever that anticipated update may arrive in early November.

The free-to-play patch will usher in a tiered subscription model for the superhero MMO that depends less on subscription income and more on cash shop purchases. Players can opt to play most of the game’s content for free, but will have to contend with limited character slots and a constricted DCUO Cash wallet.

Previous paying subscribers, cash item buyers and premium subscribers can qualify for Premium and Legendary access which offer gameplay upgrades, ranging from additional inventory slots to free DLC content. Read our complete guide to DCUO free-to-play.