RIFT Ember Isle Preview: Now we know where the Kelari gets its colors

Ember Isle looms as the next Jurassic frontier for RIFT players, and today we get an early peek of the vividly hued denizens and environs in the Kelari-occupied caldera.

Trion Worlds shared a dozen concept art stills that reveal a primal world PvP zone lush in color and savage beauty. The most striking of these images are the elemental spirits and two zone panoramas – the vortical Great Blue Hole and the fiery Fell Fields – which drive the area’s life engine.

The more enterprising of players will have known Ember Isle back in July when an unfinished version of the zone became accessible during a playtest session for Patch 1.4, but was quickly locked down by the developers.

Now the long wait is over. Ember Isle is slated to open up next patch, and is already undergoing initial playtests on the Public Test Shard. Those who score early access can also try out the new Onslaught daily quests and zone events also indigenous to these lava-flowing wilds. These quests and events will reward RIFT Platinum and a host of other loot, including a rumored mount.