SWTOR EU release bumped up to December 20, now same as NA

In a move that’s sure to please European fans, Star Wars the Old Republic will now be releasing simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic on December 20.

The new MMO was first announced to release stateside on December 20 with the EU following two days after on December 22. That’s two whole days of leveling and progression that many in the EU have complained will give NA players an advantage in leveling and notching Operations achievements.

As we’ve noted before, staggered releases allow for MMO developers some leeway in handling the massive load on servers during launch day. BioWare must be confident then that it can handle a synchronized worldwide release and avoid disappointing fans in one fell swoop.

This also probably means that Early Game Access will be unlocked at the same time on all territories. To activate this pre-order perk, players should redeem their code here.