UPDATE: DCUO Free to Play: All You Need to Know

DC Universe Online dropped the big news of going free to play, and there’s been a stream of news on how exactly this will play out.

EpicToon rounded up the confirmed details about this seismic shift to a free to play – or more accurately, freemium – model.

When can I start not paying?

The Fortress of Subscription will be coming down October 19. UPDATE: Since the story came out, DCUO developers have denied the October 19 release date revealed during a G4TV interview. No word yet on set launch date, but it has not recanted the official timeframe of “late October” so expect it within a few days.

Will everything be Free to Play?

All the basic stuff like open world combat and mission runs, yes. Game updates and maintenance will also be given free of charge. But as with other free to play titles like Lord of the Rings Online, there will be tiered access. DCUO has three subscription levels: Free, Premium and Legendary.

What’s the difference between Free, Premium and Legendary?

Free players won’t have to pay a single cent, but they will be limited to keeping two characters. They will also have to work with fewer inventory slots and a DCUO Cash limit. But almost all activities, like joining a League and exploring the open world areas, can be done on a free account.

Premium subscribers, who consist of game box purchasers and those who spend at least $5 for DCUO in-game items, will be given more than the default 2 character slots, additional inventory slots, and higher DCUO Cash limits.

Legendary subscribers, who continue to shell out $15 in monthly subscription, will receive the maximum perks (15 character slots, 80 inventory slots) plus free downloadable content (DLC). This means that unlike the first free DLC Fight for the Light, future DLCs will cost some cash.

Buy from the cash shop to become Premium? Will there be power items?

Depends on how you define “power.” Combat boosts will not be rolled out, but instead, more of the same convenience and appearance items will be added to the store, according to producer Lorin Jameson in an interview with Massively.com.

Will the Legendary account be worth it?

For hardcore players who have run out of things to do in DCUO, the Legendary account should be worth it and can add up the savings instead of individually purchasing the DLC packs when they come out on a quarterly basis.

Do I have to pay for the Free to Play client?

Earlier this month, SOE also confirmed via Twitter that the free to play client “won’t cost anything to purchase” which means it will probably a free digital download.

Will this apply to both PS3 and PC versions?

Yes, the tiered access system will be rolled out on both PS3 and PC versions of the game, on all four MegaServers.

What about a Lifetime VIP Pass?

Developers seem to be considering this option down the pipeline, citing the growing number of subscriptions maintained in the MMO sphere, and how a lot of players would like to plunk down one payment and not have to pay ever again. But no definite plans yet.