Arena-focused Aion 2.7 punches through to test servers

Prepare to die a lot in the new Aion crucible.

NCSoft will drop Patch 2.7 on test servers today and begin stateside playtests for the brutal free-for-alls known as Crucible 3 coliseums.

“No allies and everyone is considered your enemy,” says the initial Korean patch notes. Players who accrue the most points based on its plus-minus system (e.g. plus for killing foes and minus for dying) will also reap the most currency for those stunning armor sets.

There will be at least eight arena locations based on what we saw in a Korean preview trailer released months back, including a desert slave pit and a haunted manor.

Cloth classes are expected to be the first to go down in these all-out fisticuffs, with the tough Gladiator foreseen as being the last Daeva standing. Luckily, the more squishy classes tired of coming dead last have other play options. They can choose the 1-vs-1 mode for Crucible 3 or group up for the new 48-man instance Padmarashka’s Cave for Aion Kinah rewards.

Crucible 3 is the third in a series of player content aimed at high-level Daevas. Crucible 1 introduced party gauntlet instances while Crucible 2 delivered endgame solo challenges.

Testing for Crucible 3 and the rest of Aion Patch 2.7 will last a week before it goes live on Western servers on October 19, coinciding with the release of Patch 3.0 in Korea. Which makes us wonder: Is this just a coincidence or maybe a new coordinated release pattern for Korean and Western patches?