RIFT 1.5 world event rains down tomorrow

There’s no point in hiding. The new world event from RIFT will erupt like a raging volcano tomorrow, covering Telara in thick layers of daily quests, rifts and invasions.

As players scamper for Magma Opals and RIFT Platinum by joining the world event activities, developers are keeping a close eye on how the Ashes of History world event turns out.

Trion Worlds is hoping for this latest iteration for Patch 1.5 to be the best one yet. Previous efforts, beginning with the prematurely yanked River of Souls in Patch 1.1, has noticeably gotten better, but even  top producers concede that there’s still room for improvement in timing the phases right.

The Patch 1.5 world event has to roll out fast enough so hardcore players who log on each day won’t get bored with the repeating content, while it also has to be slow enough to let casual weekend players participate at least once.

Hitting the sweet spot will allow fair access to Magma Opals, the new patch currency which “can be used to purchase scorching rewards, including rare and epic weapons, a glittering oreling companion and the fearsome Ash Strider mount.”

Magma Opals won’t be easy pickings, though, from how the RIFT team describes the new wave of minions pouring into the world. “Wanton and Golden Maw cultists have joined forces to find and transport mysterious artifacts across the Telaran sea, and it’s up to Ascended to discover what the slaves of Laethys and Maelforge are plotting out beyond the horizon.”

What are those dragon lackeys up to now? Click on the slideshow below to get a visual of the world event, and check out the Patch 1.5 world event preview for more lore clues.