Guardian Cub tradable pet is cute, but an ineffective WoW Gold source

Could an adorable pet put an end to third-party gold selling?

World of Warcraft fans are now asking this question with the arrival of Blizzard’s newest moneymaker, the tradable pet Guardian Cub, which can be purchased for $10 and be sold for WoW Gold at the auction house.

“While our goal is to offer players alternative ways to add a Pet Store pet to their collection, we’re ok with it if some players choose to use the Guardian Cub as a safe and secure way to try to acquire a little extra in-game gold without turning to third-party gold-selling services,” defended Blizzard. sees a couple of holes with this logic.

1. There have always been safe and secure ways to purchase WoW Gold and the rest of the Clean Up the Industry members have delivered WoW Gold to thousands of gamers for years, without any hitch. Blizzard has always lumped us together with the scammers, not acknowledging that we source our WoW Gold from guilds and professional farmers.

2. Income from Guardian Cub pet selling isn’t guaranteed

Guardian Cub prices at the AH will be at the mercy of market forces. We expect it to be nowhere as efficient as purchasing from Even Blizzard concedes to this: “Please keep in mind that there’s never any guarantee that someone will purchase what you put up for sale in the auction house, or how much they’ll pay for it.”

Suppose players on your server are not big fans of companion pets, then demand for the Guardian Cub you spent $10 might be as low as 1,000 WoW Gold – five times lower than if you just bought from a safe Gold seller like And what if the auction house is flooded with Guardian Cubs? It could take months to convert the pet into WoW Gold you desperately need for raid upgrades.

So to our original question: Could an adorable pet put an end to third-party gold selling? Not for hardcore raiders who need to gear up fast and stock up on consumables hours before playtime. Sure, it’s a great gift, but it’s a far less efficient and far slower source of WoW Gold in our humble opinion.