Dungeon Finder finally opens in EverQuest II

Norrathians, welcome to the Convenience Age!

The long-overdue EverQuest II Dungeon Finder – a matchmaking system that creates automatic dungeon teams for level 20 players and up – goes live today.

The Dungeon Finder feature is becoming an MMO fixture, and Sony Online Entertainment pretty much had no choice but to implement this insta-group crutch or risk losing subscribers to World of Warcraft and RIFT that have similarly expedient systems in place.

The Dungeon Finder can be accessed via these keyboard commands:

  • - /dungeonfinder
  • - /dungeon
  • - /df

Dungeon Finder users can choose to sign up for a random dungeon or a specific one. Gear collectors will surely zone in on the instances that promise upgrade drops, while power levelers will be more predisposed to roll a random dungeon due to the hulking 25% XP bonus.

Other notable specifications for the Dungeon Finder you may want to keep in mind are:

  • PUG server-wide only, so no Antonia Bayle-Crushbone mash-ups
  • Only Need Before Greed as the loot option to thwart EQII plat ninjas
  • Lockouts only apply to current expansion dungeons

The official Dungeon Finder primer has all the nitty gritty, so read ‘em and start queueing!