SWTOR Beta Testing weekends resume October 7

Clear your schedules this weekend because Star Wars: the Old Republic might ask you to swing a lightsaber with game testing gusto.

The space saga MMO resumes its Beta Testing Weekends this October 7 to 10, with a promise that “with increased invite numbers from the first weekend, even more of you will get to play The Old Republic.”

Invites will be sent out via e-mail, but don’t expect the courtesy to be extended if you haven’t signed up and flagged yourself as a willing guinea pig game tester.

SWTOR Beta Testing Weekends began last month, inviting thousands to take a sneak peek and test run of the multi-world game universe. The beta tests came to a halt as developers hemmed and hawed on a release. But with a December 20 SWTOR launch now set in place, beta tests are expected to fire on all cylinders.

SWTOR senior online community manager Stepehen Reid has said before that Beta Testing Weekends are a “small scale simulation of a launch scenario” and will function as a stress test on the game’s servers, which will be swarmed with players come worldwide release.

Beta testers will be expected to try out all the available features — character creation, beginner zone exploration, lightsaber and space combat, SWTOR Credits looting – that will help developers catch bugs, work out kinks, and avoid the kind of wonky release that has hobbled MMOs (see: Final Fantasy XIV) right out of the gate.