FFXIV Patch 1.19 releases Ifrit, chocobos and a whole lot of beastmen

It’s patch day in Final Fantasy XIV, and all manners of fiery and furry creatures have escaped into the Eorzean wilds!

Among the more hostile new fiends released in today’s Patch 1.19 is the fire primal Ifrit, a mainstay in most Final Fantasy games, who will singe every group of challengers, be it level 30 four-mans or level 50 eight-mans.

“Known also as the Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit is dreaded as a demon spawned of the seven hells by those who keep faith in the Twelve,” said the Square Enix hype machine. “Tales hold that in the mere act of exhalation, Ifrit produces heat of such torridity as to reduce iron to pools of white-hot liquid.”

An extra Hard version of the Ifrit fight will be available, and it promises to be one dizzyingly intense fight. The Japanese preview trailer shows the primal lighting up a ring of fire and dishing out cleave attacks, ground detonations and a triple clone illusion. But the cuts and burns will all be worth it when you claim the primal weapon rewards after.

Kweh! Chocobos Unleashed!

Welcome the lovable chocobos! Starting Patch 1.19, the iconic flightless birds will carry adventurers across the land as personal and rental mounts, and will surely become the most preferred method of travel. (What Airships?)

Personal mount chocobos can be summoned outdoors using a chocobo whistle, and will have a speed that matches the rental ones. How much FFXIV Gil, you ask to own one?

More like 3,000 company seals. This will probably be lowered in the future if players find the price too steep to bother. And oh riders, you need a rank of recruit or higher in a Grand Company to corral the feathery bipeds.

Rounding out the grotesque menagerie are the beastmen hordes whose strongholds are now wide open for dungeon farming. Treasure chests have been scattered deep in the Amal’jaa bases in Zahar’ak and it will be up to you to cut through the mobs to claim the loot.