WoW Raid Finder introduces easier, less rewarding PUG raids

In the new raiding landscape of Patch 4.3, fortune will favor the bold and the more organized.

Blizzard poster Daxxari confirmed today that while the new Raid Finder feature will make it easier for World of Warcraft players to group up for raids, it will also lower the difficulty of fights and reward less valuable drops.

“The Raid Finder provides access to a new tier of difficulty” – a beginner difficulty – for the upcoming Dragon Soul raid in Patch 4.3.

As such, “loot acquired through the Raid Finder, including tier set pieces, will be of a lower item level than items acquired from normal or heroic mode versions of the Dragon Soul raid, and its appearance may differ.”

“Because they’re harder to defeat, the normal and heroic version of Dragon Soul will drop more powerful loot along with prestigious rewards such as achievements, titles, and epic mounts.” Also, only normal and heroic raids will drop Valor Points and legendary weapon components.

Since the announcement of the Raid Finder, raiding guilds have been concerned that the Pick-Up-Group (PUG) feature will decimate their ranks as players join more casual guilds and rely instead on the Raid Finder to sate their raiding itch.

Now we see that the long-held tradition of scheduling raid runs will be preserved since hardcore raiders still have the incentive of best-in-slot drops and WoW Gold rewards. It doesn’t mean though that dedicated raiders won’t have a use for the Raid Finder.

“Since instance locks aren’t in play, Raid Finder raids could provide a way for dedicated raiders to gear up alternate characters, fill gaps in their itemization, finish off elusive set bonuses, or just have some fun while preparing to face the normal or heroic version of the raid on the next reset.

The rest of the Raid Finder preview talks about how the new auto-grouping feature will work, including the powers and responsibilities of a PUG raid leader, the loot distribution system, the role distribution and why there is no 10-man equivalent.