WoW Season 11 PvP Armor: Complete Preview

World of Warcraft raiders might take center stage in the raid-intensive Patch 4.3, but PvP fans just might steal the limelight for looking so good.

It’s hard not to notice the elevated designs of Season 11 PvP armor. These Cataclysm Gladiator sets are highly detailed, less rehashed, and overall more inspired than some of the recent player fighting sets.

Three standouts from this batch are the Mage, Paladin and Rogue models.

The Mage garb is more structured and gives a strong shoulder carapace to the normally squishy-looking casters. The Paladin plate draws from medieval dragoons and fallen angels, with the broken halo suggesting the more earthly divinity that a holy knight represents. And the Rogue armor is literally glowing with poison shades, from sickly green to vile purple.

WoW Gold credit goes to MMO-Champion for datamining these in-game models, which are not yet confirmed, but are most probably 100% accurate.